Castel de Brames

 One of the “Gaillac, Surprising Vines” series
Castel de Brames,  Lisle sur Tarn, Gaillac 26.08.16

Castel de Brames, Lisle sur Tarn, Gaillac 26.08.16

by Gordon Frickers 61 x 915 cms (24″ x 36″), oils, available, £6,000.

The painting

Castel de Brames, almost completed, this painting is one of the “Gaillac, Surprising Vines” series.

This landscape painting will be completed on location (kind permission of the owners) during September 2016

Castel de Brames, detail  26.08.16

Castel de Brames, detail 1 26.08.16

This outstanding ‘produteur’ attracted my attention for many reasons not least because it is the only home of 3 of the rarest, oldest vines in France.

Castel de Brames, detail 2 26.08.16

Castel de Brames, detail 2 26.08.16

You can follow the development of this picture here on this page and on this web site blog.

Castel de Brames 19.08.16

Castel de Brames 19.08.16


Gaillac design de Brames

Gaillac design for Castel de Brames

Castel de Brames 07.08.16

Castel de Brames 07.08.16

You can follow the development of this picture here on this page and on this web site blog.

Castel de Brames (detail 1) 07.08.16

Castel de Brames (detail 1) 07.08.16

Furthermore Alain Boullenger is a walking encyclopedia.

With Alain I found myself reading a beautiful book on vines and wines of Gaillac published in 1861…

Researched on location, painted at the request of the Municipale de Gaillac for an exhibition in December 2016.

Found in the south west of this historic wine-producing region near the bastide port of Lisle-sur-Tarn, Castel de Brames, meaning in the southern pre French language of L’Occitaine ‘fortified place where it rains’ or ‘where there is water’ offers some very rare wines, whites and reds.
Why are they rare?
The vineyards grow three ancient varieties only found in the Gaillac region.
One makes a white Perle Tradition wine, slightly sparkling, said to have inspired champagne, a clear, bright light yellow colour with green tints. It has a delicate and fruity aroma, a delightful wine with a crisp, dry flavours and a refreshing finish.
The red varieties include a vine thought to be semi wild and another that gave birth to the immensely popular cabernet-sauvignon.
Here you can sample a wine from the same grapes the Romans would have used…
I’ll tell you more on my web site, soon, watch for the blog entry and on this page.
Meanwhile, it’s summer, if you can drive to Gaillac and try for yourself, direct from the producteur, these memorable distinctive wines.

I consider myself very fortunate to have been so generously received, to have learned so much and I hope I’ll do justice to and benefit this exceptional vineyard and it’s welcoming people.

Castel de Brames (detail 2) 07.08.16

Castel de Brames (detail 2) 07.08.16

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