Your Christmas?

How was your Christmas day?

Did all your bells jingle?
Good for you and those you love I hope?
Christmas day means many things to many people; the basic message is peace and good will to all people.
I’ll drink to that.
Will you join me in that?

Pyrenees sunset
Pyrenees sunset 25.12.19

I was fortunate; a lovely day, warm under blue skies.
Lunch was by invitation of French friends who speak fair English at the ancient bastide of Castelnau de Montmiral.

Sunset 25.12.19, Pyrenees
Pyrenees Sunset 25.12.19

Thus good companions, wide ranging conversations including the possibility of setting up an eco village, great food, fine wines.

Christmas Sunset
Pyrenees Christmas Sunset 25.12.19

Then a walk twice around the remparts in astonishingly clear air.
We could clearly see the sunset over the distant Pyrenees.

Pyrenees, Christmas
Christmas sunset 25.12.2019

A scene which years ago I painted for a couple who have a house near here and occasionally get to see this rare sight.

Pyrenees & Forest
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‘Pyrenees Sunset’, measuring 200 x 46 cm, (6′ 7″ x 1′ 6″) oils on specially prepared canvas board.

I used some very innovative techniques on this painting including gold in the trees and an iridescent base for the sunset colours = magic!

Unfortunately for me and most of us, as this painting is in a private collection very few people get to see it…


An awesome subject, the mighty and wild Pyrenees make their near eternal march across our horizon, some 100 miles to our West, dividing France from Spain …


Christmas day, Pyrenees sunset
Christmas, Pyrenees sunset
This signature appears on all my more recent paintings.
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