Contrasting Castles

A tale of two contrasting castles, part of my last months adventures, to share with you.
I visited the [ruined] castle at Tonbridge in central Kent, at one time said to be one of the strongest in England.
By contrast, Scotney Castle was built as a picturesque folly.
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The site is a pleasant, graceful, park, with an interesting although not dramatic history.
Access is free.

Tonbridge Castle was formally a classic moat and bailey castle it was erected by Saxon labour by order of Norman overlords.
The castle had considerable strategic and lucrative value. Including fishing rights and collection of toll at the bridge over the River Medway.
My first photograph shown here was taken from the artificial mound upon which are the ruins of the Keep.
It shows the Keep [gateway] fortification.
Picturesque today, the castle was for several centuries regarded as one of the strongest in all England.
The second castle that day, in complete contrast was built to be a picturesque ‘folly’ complete with ornamental lake and gardens.
Scotney Castle is well managed by the National Trust.
Scotney Castle
Entrance is not free nor are the tea and cakes.
Both are well worth the modest fee.
Both castles probably stand on earlier fortifications and beg to be subjects of Daphne de Morier style novels.
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