25th of May

The 25 th of May birthday ? went so well ???, a memorable occasion for all the best reasons, hence the photos below some of you kindly requested.

I’m only just recovering from the party !

We certainly did raise a glass to ‘Absent Friends’.
Cake candles were duly blown out, champagne and balloons pop’d.

More birthday cards arrived than I’ve had in a long time.
So many who could not make it kindly sent apologies, you have touched my heart.
I thought the best excuse for not being here, “my 99 year old Father had a fall” [I hope he is recovering?] !!!
I was particularly pleased to have my son and friends from England here.

Richard Burstow

I have lovely, kind French neighbours as you can see in the photo below.
My shipmate from Bexhill Sailing Club days, Richard Burstow, at the command of his adorable grand daughter set up camp in the back garden. 

That went well too.

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