Vivid Sunsets

Is this October or July? 
Domain du Barry
Domain du Barry
‘Dunowe’, what I do know is we have excellent light here for painting.
I’ve just upgraded several of The Gaillac Collection‘ pages, the images here are of the domaine du Barry painting, measuring 40 x 48 cm (16” x 19”), oils, available £950., ex frame, ex studio.
The astonishingly warm dry sunny weather continues here in the south of Brittany, as pleasant as autumns in the South West
I’m reminded of many a merry, memorable evening at du Barry, the domaine being for many years noted for its summer soirees, live music, good inexpensive foods and drinks, art exhibitions, and of course, dancing and singing.
You can find the collection with hyperlinks to the individual pictures at, warm yourself, enjoy
GF-Sig-Dear-Joe d
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