A rare dinner

Dinner ensemble, a rare event here, table before and after, laid for 5 last night.
Dinner 13.02.18 IMG_2699
House cleaned, log fire, one of my guests generously bought for an aperitif, champagne Chanoir Dayer.
Good practice for la fete de la Pâque (Passover) next month although that will have a very different menu, very different wines.

Gone are the days when I could offer a really beautiful table, the hospitality remains as warm as ever and my cooking has improved although I still tend to make far to much.
I based the meal around a Tarnais recipe with thanks to a friend in Albi, a touch of N African spices and accompanied by a fine red Gaillac wine from my friends at Chateau Mayragues.

Chateau Meyragues, Gaillac
Chateau Meyragues, Gaillac
My guests included a French comedian and his wife who live nearby and the deputy mayor who among other things used to run a Bronze foundry and shares a passion for discovering wines. Dinner 13.02.18 IMG_2700
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