Vintage 2017

What you think of this year’s harvest and vintage?

Some European vigneron are saying that 2017 has been a really bizarre year.

Sunset and vines, Peyres Roses, Gaillac
Sunset and vines, Peyres Roses, Gaillac

The harvests are home.

The grapes are is in the wineries.
I am particularly interested, via my painting projects in the wines of the South West and Bordeaux regions of France.

St Emilion, Bordeaux
St Emilion, Bordeaux

I am hearing that overall French wine production will be about 20% down on the 5-year average and across Europe wine yields are the lowest since 1982.
Britexit is already proving a concern for some vigerons and a nightmare for me.
Britexit this year has added 20 % to my running costs, a combination of extra admin and the pound devaluing.

Heavy frosts in April, perfect growing conditions through to August and a nerve jangling cold wet September.
It’s been a real roller coaster ride for viticultural in South West France.

Chateau Clement Termes, Gaillac
Chateau Clement Termes, Gaillac

Californian wildfires.
Although on the other side of the world these days they seem very close.
People are saying they will have to get used to drinking foriegn wines.
In the Napa Valley parts of some towns have been evacuated.
Many homes have been destroyed and 14 Napa wineries are reported to have been raised to the ground.
There may be more.
We feel for all those affected, many lives ruined.

In South West France, the first indications are that the 2017 will be a good vintage.

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