Food and wine of interest?

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Major page update, edited, re written:
Joel and Marie These Linquette suggested “why don’t you paint the famous French wine villages”? 
I quickly realised the most suitable region to make a start was Bordeaux, and of course it was necessary to repeatedly visit the region, meet interesting people and of course, sample the produce. 

Pomerol, baby vines
Pomerol, baby vines, available
Looking beyond my immediate concerns, it was suggested the paintings form a core for an exhibition or more together with products of the region; Paris, London, New York, Monaco were mentioned. Thus we have an opportunity for an exhibition manager and for sponsors.

I have visited the Bordeaux region many times over the past 20 years, learning, sketching, researching, photographing, painting on locations, making contacts and in some cases friends, most recently May / June 2014.

St-Emilion-sunset, sold
“Hmm, must be over due another visit ! Care to accompany me?
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