Wine Mystery

#Wine mystery? Just received 2 superb quality bottles of wine by post from #CaveauBugiste.
Not cheap either and some kind soul has also paid the postage. manicles_blancs
No idea why I merit.
Maybe something to do with wine projects on ?

As I write, I’ve been unable to reach caveau bugiste by phone so I’m resorting to less reliable email via their web site …
I’ve never visited the region of Vongnes (01350) East of Lyon but have read in the Larousse guide that it’s a bit like Gaillac, it’s small, beautiful and even among special places, it’s very special.
Now I have two immediate problems, to phone Caveau Bugiste and find suitable companions to try the wines, ideally over a couple of good dinners, one for each bottle. 
Any volunteers?
While I heartily subscribe to “there is no such thing as a free meal” (my Mum and Dad God rest their souls, and a very few others being exceptions), please Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not whining about this.
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