Rescue a Maiden ?

Calling all pirates, gentlemen, gentlewomen, for Maiden Rescue, who is a gallant, who will refuse to help maidens & mermaids when they cry for our help?

Maiden Rescue Poster
Maiden Rescue Poster

Maiden Rescue.
If you like the attached, by all means share, forward this poster.
Together, let us help make this event a sell out and huge success.
The more publicity for Maiden Rescue the better.
On behalf of The Friends of Arundel and Tracy Edwards, thank you.

A licence was granted by the artist, free of charge to The Friends of Arundel charity, and the image supplied, for use in promoting this Friends of Arundel event.

“Ice Maiden”, the painting, copyright Gordon Frickers © 2017 

Discover more at “Ice Maiden” on my web site, enjoy.

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