Another frosty dawn

Dawn over my garden. A Frosty Dawn 2 IMG_9396
Wind forecast to shift to the south on Wednesday.
Meanwhile despite beautiful sunny days temperatures have rarely climbed above zero for a week and been down to – 5 C at night.
Meaning thermal pajamas + dovet+ 3 woolen blankets + hot drink with a dash of navy rum…
Warm for Canada (Edwin Morton), cold for France.

Heating is expensive these days, costs have double over the past 10 years.
The average French home now costs 1600 Euros to heat over winter.
Electricity remains the most expensive with firewood (average 800 Euros per winter) being cheapest and renewable because France has at least 4 times as much woodland and forest as GB.
I estimate to comfortably heat my house in Brittany 24/7 would cost over 2000 Euros per winter.
A good argument for moving back to the Tarn were most winters only last 2 months?
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