Home, safe, before the rain

I’m safely home at Thehillac, exhausted, hungry.
It’s raining but who wants a photo of that so here is a ‘Tarn’ sunset for you, from the series you can view on my web site (www.artfrickers.com).

By the way, I’ve painted in rain on several occasions; always the result surprised.

Valley of the Vere, Sunset, (available)
Valley of the Vere, Sunset, (available)
Valley of the Vere, Sunset,  detail, (available)
Valley of the Vere, Sunset, detail, (available)


In England very unfortunately I had no time to visit any of my friends in East Sussex.
I did thought enjoy hugely driving through parts of East Sussex, my nomination for the most civilised, most English of counties, one of my favourite counties in England along with Cornwall and Devon.

Overall; “The Trafalgar Soiree” looked splendid, my congratulations to all involved at Rochay Elite, to Nicole Barbezat (artist’s agent), to my collegues, friends, who hold the original “Victory 2005” core of the collectionto the Army & Navy Club, Pall Mall and friends ‘old’ and new who were and are so supportive including and especially when things go wrong.
Even I was amazed by the collection some of which I’d not seen for near 20 years. I’ve never seen a better marine painting exhibition. I could hardly believe I’d painted those and some, so long ago.
Every composition was original, direct, inviting you to feel your were ‘there’.
Every sky and sea was treated in a different way… some were highly detailed, some quite ‘loose’, one could see the benefit of my time in France at The Painting School of Montmiral in the colours and handling.
Did I really make those or was I dreaming (again…!!!)?

By the way, it’s November 4, you probably know that, it’s ‘Pickle Night’ so here is the least well know painting of Pickle, from The Trafalgar Collection, that salutes the brave long suffering men who wrote their names into history serving HM Schooner Pickle and their country.

"Ubiquitous Pickle" (available)
“Ubiquitous Pickle” (available)
"Ubiquitous Pickle" (available) detail
“Ubiquitous Pickle” (available) detail
"Ubiquitous Pickle" (available) detail
“Ubiquitous Pickle” (available) detail

It was a pleasure to return to Plymouth, meet David Folley, to stay at “The Loft” where I worked on ‘follow up’, on The Plymouth and Harwich Mayflower 2020 issues and a new marine brochure (ready soon).
What with the months invested painting in the Dept du Tarn it has been a very remarkable year and it’s not over yet, there is the Gaillac expo to come, opening 2 nd December… book your hotel now!

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