France, Christmas eve is for family & friends

Joyeux Noel mes amis, soiree a Noel a Théhillac chez moi… img_9356 
France, Christmas eve is the family & friends meal thus leaving Christmas day free to enjoy and relax ‘ensemble’.
Today here, a very un PC, unorthodox Christmas with friends; family and grand children free.
We think, maybe the same again next year, an over 55 ‘s Christmas… you up for that?
Michael and Linda are I think fine company, natural, educated, experienced, funny, profound and more.
I’ve known Michael Baker since we were 9; he married Linda Winter 5 years ago.
I was honoured to be their best man ~ who said they must have been short of choices !!!?
I hope you meet them one day.

With my best wishes for you and all those you care about, life is short so have an illuminated Hannukah and very Merry Christmas.

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