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An un finished new painting for the ‘vernisage’ (preview), 18,00 h Friday, le Vendredi 2 Décembre, à 18h au 02/12/2016.

Peyres Roses, progress 25.11.16
Peyres Roses, progress 25.11.16

L’exposition sera ouverte du 2 au 30 Décembre 2016.
80, Place d’Hautpoul�, 81600 Gaillac, Département Pôle “Culture & Attractivité”, Mairie de Gaillac,� Département du Tarn, Occitanie.�
Tél.: 05 63 81 20 19 E :

2 Décembre, Friday, 2016 à 18h00 (RSVP) Closes 30 December.
Les heures d’ouverture aux publics est de : 8h – 12h et 14h – 17h30

This new as yet unfinished painting measures 63 x 81 cms (25.5” x 32”), oils, and will be available at the exhibition.

One of the new Gaillac Collection 2016, painted for the « vin, au Chateau, Gaillac, an exhibition at the invitation of the Municipal of Gaillac (Mairie).
This enticing domaine is seated on the heights above Gaillac near Cahuzac sur Vere so I’ve opted for a typical summer evening, the sort of evening I have painted ‘plien aire’ many times.

It follows that the colouring here is based upon my working sketches, used as reference material.

Peyres Roses set me particular challenges, not least because I found much to admire at the domaine de Peyres Roses.

The domaine is rich in subject matter as varied as the 150,000 bees and livestock they keep to the remarkable Astrid and her four sons.
Discover more at…/sunset-15-th-september-peyres-ros…/ , enjoy!

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