Driving in France

While driving South in France yesterday from Brittany, I passed Saint Emilion, one of my favourite places to paint. Saint Emilion, a great place to make paintings is for many people Saint Emilion France personified. Saint Emilion is classified as ‘une Petite cité de caractère’ is also justifiably the most famous name for red wine. … Read more

Saint Emilion 17.06.2018

Painting about 95 % complete, you can better view this delightful study on page https://artfrickers.com/sample-page/st-emilion-pomerol/ Exploring St Emilion is one of the great pleasures of life, so many surprises for you to discover. Bordeaux wines… which name above all springs to mind … and palate, Saint Emilion? A timeless painting will give you pleasure when ever … Read more