Signature, does it ‘matt’ er? Gordon Frickers, artist, an article about the value of signatures.

Artist to artist, here’s some questions and answers of interest to all painters on the ‘Art Explorers With Alice Sheridan’ page.
Alison Blynn Gaiman asked “I’m getting some paintings framed (paper under glass). I don’t want to sign my work on the paper, and the framer said a lot of people sign their names on the matte.
Do any of you do this? If so, do you use your normal signature? Or… do you have a different signature just for your art?”
I replied:
🎨Good questions, I would never sign on a ‘matt’ as it’s not part of the painting.
I have seen this done but never by top mast painters.
Gordon Frickers

The second question is not unlike the classic question so often debated among advertising specialists, “what’s in a name”.
Picasso when asked at a dinner table to “give me a valuable picture” signed his name as per his paintings on a napkin and gave that to the visitor.
Your signature has value.
I recommend never use the signature you sign cheques, letters etc on a painting. Rather choose a stylised legible signature. Your signature on your painting is also your free advert.
I sign my paintings, drawings and some sketches often including signing on unfinished paintings if they are going to be photographed and maybe appear in a magazine or on social media.
You signature says a lot about you.
Frickers, artist, painter
Gordon Frickers
I’ve had more than a few people buying from me and this can happen to you too, saying “I want a ‘Gordon Frickers’ in my collection.
A lot of people will enjoy seeing your signature, will be proud to have your signature on their wall, don’t disappoint them.🙂⚓
Gordon Frickers art signature
This Gordon Frickers art signature is on all my more recent paintings.
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