Café des Sports

Painting, new, Café des Sports 30 x 40 cm / 12″ x 16″ (offers from 775 £) and its proprietor Madame Roberte Pataluch, a French national treasure, an institution.

Café des Sports
Café des Sports, Medoc region.

Bordeaux Paintings Series : ‘Discovering The Famous Wine Villages of Bordeaux’, France, The World’s Most Renowned Wine Region.

The Café des Sports and the village of Saint Christoly are located in one of the most renowned wine producing regions of all France, the Médoc.

Madame Roberte Pataluch has been running her Café des Sports for over 57 years.

This is her happiness, her pleasure and passion !

The Café des Sports with its five tables is located at the head of the picturesque estuarine port and over the years has met with great success.

Madame Roberte Pataluch told me she had originally open her café to serve the adjacent sports club, football field, the fisher folk and visitors.

Times change, the football field is rarely used, she says “the village youth today prefer the Internet to healthy sport” despite which she says she wouldn’t leave her café for the world.

Madame Roberte Pataluch these days, only opens her establishment in the summer.

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Café des Sports


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