Rosh Hashanah

Rosh Hashanah, Shanah Tovah, it’s New Year !

To all my many Jewish family, friends and colleagues, Shana Tova U’Metuka! Hebrew: שנה טובה‎; meaning “[I wish you to have a] good and sweet year”.

Rosh Hashanah starts at sunset on Monday, September 6, and will run through to close at nightfall to Wednesday, September 8 when
Yom Kippur the most serious ‘holyday’ of our year begins.
David’s Tower, Jerusalem 1984

The High Holy Days which close with Yom Kippur, urge people to reflect on the previous 12 months: “It is a time to undertake an inventory of the soul, a cheshbon hanefesh, and to ask of ourselves and of each other questions that go beyond our own individual needs and desires.

What is Jewish New year?

For that matter who are Jews?

We don’t wish each other a “happy new year” so what does a Jewish New Year represent?

David Lloyd George, British Prime Minister 1916 1922 “Of all the extreme fanaticism which plays havoc in man’s nature there is not one as irrational as anti-Semitism”.

For my puzzled other friends you would do well to watch “The mystery of the Jews” on YouTube,

Also well worth watching, “15 Reasons Why JEWISH People Are RICHER”

One remarkable fact

since Alfred Nobel first created his prize, over one 5th of all the Nobel Prizes have been awarded to Jews, Jews who comprise less than ½ of 1% (0.02 %) of the world population and yet have received over 20 % of the Nobel Prizes for the greatest scientific, social, economic, creative and intellectual contribution to the progress of mankind.

In the pursuit of excellence that Jews have contributed to our world throughout history.

The Jewish passion is for meaning, purpose, morality in life and their respect for human dignity, Jews have always been at the forefront of change.

Thomas Newton

(Bishop of Bristol& author,) kin to Sir Isaac Newton a renowned scientist (1761 1782) said about the Jews in the 18th century “the preservation of the Jews is really one of the most single and illustrious acts of Divine Providence.

What but a supernatural power could have preserved them in such a manner as no other nation has been preserved and no less remarkable is the destruction of their enemies.

Let it serve as a warning to all those who at any time or occasion are raising a clamour or persecution against them.


I will make you into a great nation and I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you”

Genesis 12: 2,3.


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