Soup with Francis

A lunch with the brilliant Francis Pratt, potato, leek and broccoli soup, salad and a few other goodies the best of which is our conversations.

I met Francis when realising I have very odd colour vision, ‘special eyes’ or ‘colour blind’ being two extremes of description, I first attended his Painting School of Montmiral way astern in 1989.

For certain and sure, I’ve never met a knowledgeable art teacher.

Keep in mind I studied in art colleges for 5 years and have constantly sought to add to my education.

We embarked on a series of exercises to generally explore what i was seeing and experiment with my colour experience.

Many of the results of those experiments can be seen on this web site, some are for sale.

Francis, edited by the painter David Folley, also wrote about the scientific aspects of how and why I see as I do; and why it is significant.

More about that you can discover by exploring this web site or contacting me; whatever, enjoy your colour vision and through my paintings, enjoy mine, a gift for you !


Gordon Frickers art signature
This Gordon Frickers art signature is on all my more recent paintings.
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