Signs of Spring

January is on the ebb, can’t say I’m sorry about that although one should never wish one’s life away, we are only sure we get one chance at living.IMG_2502
Signs of Spring in my garden, not as lovely as Chris Fagg‘s garden, mine is more a ‘wilderness’.IMG_2508 IMG_2509
The weather over the past few days has been quite mild in the South of Bretagne, for January, barometer high, temperatures 10 or 15 C (50 to 59 F) during the day, some rain some sun.
Not such good news, lots of weeds appearing and soon the lawns will need a first cut.IMG_2517
Good news for the plants in general, lots of shoots appearing.
Good news for painting too, the light is improving so I’ve started with improving a portrait I began two years ago.
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