Blaye & Richard Sharpe

Blaye painting progress: a landscape painting being created, a town, a port, vineyards and a massive citadel; canvas on covered board measuring 53 x 81 cms (21” x 32”) oils

Blaye painting  progress 31.05.16
Blaye painting progress 31.05.16
I don’t really like showing this sort of work unfinished yet admit is does now look ‘interesting’, pregnant with colour and possibilities.
The old town of Blaye has much charm to recommend it so is well worth exploring.
To the left of the painting you can see being teased out of the paint and canvas the gatehouse and bridges that access a massive and classic 17 th century fortification that is almost a town in it’s self.
If you enjoyed the “Richard Sharpe” novels by Bernard Cornwell and the TV series starring Sean Bean, although no Sharpe stories were set at Blaye, the nearest being set at La Teste-de-Buch, the old fort at entrance to the spectacular bassin de Arcachon a couple of  hour’s drive south of Bordeaux you have my word of honour you will find the citadel of Blaye an absolute treat, well worth exploring.
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