Gaillac and Tarn paintings

Gaillac and Tarn paintings, a seductive town in a region of outstanding natural beauty and very southern France.

Gaillac paintings
Gaillac Sunset, the old quarter and abbey Saint Michel.

Gaillac painting, 92 x 60 cm (36″ x 24″), a good investment for 4,000 £ and a pleasure to own

‘Gaillac at Sunset’ by Gordon Frickers.

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Gaillac at sunset, can you sense the warmth, almost smell the wines, the river, soil and brickwork?

My Gaillac paintings are described as “more than a match for anything in the Musee d’Orsay“ by the  acclaimed Gaillac historian and author Alain Soreano.

This was when Alain introduced the inaugural showing of this ‘Gaillac Collection’ at the Maison Culturale, Ville de Gaillac, an exhibition by invitation during December 2016.

Gaillac, Abbaye Saint-Michel painting

Beautiful Gaillac set in the Tarn department, a ‘target rich’ environment for painters, poets and all who appreciate rural beauty.

Gaillac is in the heart of L’Occitane, a region long aeons famous for wines chosen for kings and presidents.

The town of Gaillac (pronounced guy’ak) at the heart of L’Occitane one of a series of paintings of the town and more outstanding chateaux.

This landscape painting is created partly on location with the kind permission and generous assistance of the landowner, my good friend Charles, le Count de Noblet D’Anglure.

Gaillac paintings, a detail,
Gaillac detail, abbey, 300 dpi

You are perhaps aware, Gaillac is a small, remote very varied and beautiful wine producing region with a long interesting history which includes some remarkable vines.
Today Gaillac wines have become quite chic among the young in London.

Gaillac paintings in detail,
Gaillac paintings, a detail,


Gaillac people are working hard to develop their distinctive wines and their markets.

This painting was inspired by and has it’s roots firmly in the beautiful capricious river Tarn and the old quarters of Gaillac.

The town was a busy port, at one time over 200 barges were registered with the ‘Captainerie’ as built and maintained at the port.

The origins of the port and it’s trades are pre Roman; during Roman times the principal exports were pottery, wines, grains and timber.

The location is one very familiar to me, enjoyed on many varied occasions, often with friends.

This painting was a direct development of the ‘plien aire’ study “Gaillac, the best route to arrive…” which was kept in the studio while this picture was composed and created so contributed significantly to the colouring.

Gaillac paintings
Gaillac old quarter mill, a detail.

Beautiful Gaillac set in the Tarn department, a ‘target rich’ environment for painters, poets and all who appreciate rural beauty.

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It is even more beautiful in person than online. I love the texture and the use of light“.

It is even more beautiful in person than online. I love the texture and the use of light“.

John J. Hogerty II who bought one of my French landscapes, Executive Vice President & General Counsel, Bergstrom Corporation of his newly acquired painting, 12.12.2022 is quoted here with his kind permission.

Many distinguished people and renowned companies chose Frickers paintings as you can discover by reading my illustrated résumée.

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