Bordeaux Wine Villages

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Gordon Frickers at St Emilion

Gordon Frickers at St Emilion

Gordon Frickers, is a distinguished artist of 35 + years experience:  one of the very few artists invited to exhibit at the European Parliament (May 2011).


An intriguing, fascinating non technical way to explore the world famous Bordeaux region with the help of the eyes of a mature artist.

This is a Project with something entirely NEW, an opportunity to share, more on that below and via the ‘Further Reading‘ link; in addition, these fine paintings are for sale and you can commission your favourite scene.

You can discover more via the following links and the  ‘Further Reading‘ and link below.

Organised via the drop down menu above, each region is introduced by its own homepage with an illustration of each painting linked to individual painting pages and in many cases, links to ‘further reading’.

Sub home links; your keys to open this collection :

C. V. / résumée

St Emilion & Pomerol


Graves & Sauternes

Entre deux Mer

Haut Medoc

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Bordeaux wine region: people worldwide know the name, have probably heard of some of the wines and foods.

This ambitious project offers you an artist’s eye insight, a memorable, tantalizing look at many of the famous towns and villages, join me for a voyage into the Bordeaux region, Bordeaux, wine, food and art, four magic words that = enjoy.

The names roll off one’s tongue with a special fluidity: St Emilion, Sauternes, Pauillac, Cadillac, Sauveterre, Medoc, Entrée deux Mers, Graves, Canton de Blaye, Castillon la Bataille, many more;  and the associated region of Gaillac.

This collection has not yet been exhibited in public; there is a problem; people buy the paintings.

Fortunately there is a solution, with such a diverse, rich subject, I can and am painting more, creating for a really memorable exhibition.

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An opportunity for you and me to share

Trails on the Internet and by personal contact strongly suggest anyone who eats and drinks will want to attend this exhibition,  ‘the vernissage to end all vernissage!’

These ‘wine art’ paintings make a great introduction, an unusually attractive core for the public and press, an exhibition together with products of the region suitable for prestigious locations.

Thus if you or someone you know is an organiser, publicist, there is a rather special opportunity here for us to work together possibly with a famous chef, with TV, radio; for sure there are possibilities including for a sponsor.

Meanwhile you can go direct via the links above to your  special preview of these paintings, of this collection, “Picturesque Wine Villages of Bordeaux” and enjoy an artist’s personal introduction to the glorious Bordeaux region through the rich colours and thoughtful compositions of Gordon Frickers paintings.

Further Reading, Bordeaux Wine villages Project.


Contact us

T: + 44 (0)1865 52 2435  Mobile 00 33 (0) 6 10 66 19 26

or Skype ‘gordonfrickers’

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If you can see the benefits outlined above,  connect with Gordon Frickers to discuss possibilities and participation.

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This Bordeaux project focuses on the villages, the culture, some of the many other occupations, life styles and attractions, often missed by hurrying tourists including the other charms of the region that are less well known via the perspective and unusual colour vision of the arts of Gordon Frickers paintings.

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Gordon Frickers, is a distinguished artist of 35 + years experience:  example, one of the very few invited to exhibit at the European Parliament (May 2011).

C. V. / résumée

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