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Mermaid’s Pool, hard to find, romantic and enchanting a pool with a special ambience.

According to legend, if you are very unobtrusive and on a quiet day, you just might see a mermaid …?

Mermaids Pool

Mermaid’s Pool, a painting by Gordon Frickers,  40 x 50 cm (16″ x 20″), available offers from £ 1200.

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Kynance Cove 

is near the remote, wild and most southerly mainland point of Britain.

Set in green granite, this romantic and enchanting cove has a special ambience According to legend, if you are very unobtrusive and on a quiet day, you just might see a mermaid …?

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Painting :

The legendary Mermaid’s Pool is a timeless subject I could not resist.

I have a long association with The Lizard peninsular, the wild and most southerly part of the British mainland, Kynance Cove noted especially for its green granite is one of my all time favourite places.

Looking for the very best in modern landscape art?

Timeless paintings, the test of true greatness, you have found one here.

Mermaid’s Pool” is developed from location studies.

My painting is exceptional in that it combines a number of painting techniques.

These painting techniques including abstract passages, spatula work and on closer inspection, fascinating precise detail and as a bonus, this painting is architecturally correct.

Thus “Mermaid’s Pool” represents a fine example of the versatility of my painting and a sound investment.

I was at one time thinking of painting a series based upon either or both, mermaids or Cornish legends.

I recall two places in Cornwall with long time associations with mermaids. If I give it some thought I may remember others.

The cove of Kynance offers other glorious feature including pristine sands, crystal waters and natural under water gardens for swimmers with snorkels to explore.

The legend of Mermaid’s Pool :

Mermaid’s Pool at Kynance Cove derived its name from the table rock in its centre where an ancient Cornish legend tells us, on quiet days mermaids sun bathe.

Kynance cove in the Cornish language, Porth Keynans, means ravine harbour, a cove.

For what it’s worth, I highly recommend Mermaid’s Pool to children of all ages.

In my in the opinion Kynance Cove is the most beautiful cove on the often spectacular Cornish Coast.

An Enchanted Cove :

Remote Mermaids Pool secreted within Kynanace Cove is know to few people other than local folk and only accessible between half and low tide

Kynance Cove has one large cottage, built and still sometimes used by local fishermen who work off the sandy main beach.

Today the cottage is noted for excellent Cornish Cream teas and ice cream.

Discover :

A caution, be sure to check the local tide tables for the time of high tide.

The high spring tides purify the beaches all of which submerge.

Aside from finding the beaches submerged, you could be cut off by a rising tide.

Mermaid’s Pool best approached through the ocean eroded gully on the west side of the secondary beach via Queens Pool.

Look for the last turning on your right as you approach The Lizard Point village which is the most southerly village in England.

Kynance Cove is a National Trust property so there is a car park, a fee to pay and a 1/2 mile hike down the ravine to reach Mermaid’s Pool.

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This Gordon Frickers art signature is on all my more recent paintings.

This Gordon Frickers art signature is on all my more recent paintings.


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