Saint Brice, France

Bordeaux paintings, in the centre of Entre deux mers, Sainte Brice.

A misty sunrise over vines, St Brice,

A misty sunrise over vines painting ‘plien aire’ at  St Brice.50 x 40 cm (20” x 16”), oils, available, £800.00.

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Painting around Bordeaux

Literal leap into the unknown, 24.09.2003,  I particularly wanted to paint a morning mist; I almost missed it.

I painted this scene of Saint Brice on location as it happened,

On this particular morning I found myself locked in my chambre d’ote (guest house).

Unfortunately I’d had left my house key in my car… which  as you may have already guessed, was not in the house.

Fortunately my room had a floral balcony; I jumped from the first floor window balcony.

On location before dawn to prepare and paint,  I returned in time for a well earned breakfast.


Saint Brice Village

Bordeaux region, this charming village renowned for fine white wines is said to be at the exact centre of this region, Entree de Mere, were better to base your tour?

Entree de Mere, a region of gently rolling hills and dales as its name implies, between the two great salty tidal rivers Dordogne and Garonne , salt water therefore sea to medieval folk.

I discovered my host had a keen interest in the voyage of Laperouse (see Laperouse arriving at Botany Bay) so naturally we two enjoyed fine conversations.

Many distinguished people and renowned companies chose Frickers paintings as you can discover by reading my illustrated résumée; paintings with unique, enduring qualities.

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