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I like painting portraits although I don’t look for portrait commission and am rarely asked.

So, if you would like a distinctive portrait, ask.

The object of this page is to provide you an over view of this project in two forms.

Click on the images to see a larger version, click on the blue highlighted titles to discover the individual pages, enjoy.

These pages  introduce a few of the portraits painted by the artist Gordon Frickers.

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The old joke has much truth in it as for example my “Port of Chester 1863” has 38 figures all about that size in it (seven horses, four swans and a dog peeing on a bollard).

More seriously, there is nothing so impressive in a home or office as a personalised competent portrait painting.

I really should make more time for life sized portraits they are such fun to make and fascinating to see after.




Female nude figure drawn from life

Female nude figure drawn from life

However, working from photographs is inevitable.

The method goes back a long way, at least as far as Canaletto.


David Hockney wrote an interesting paper on how Dutch artists used the camera obscura for portraits and still life subjects.

Painting portraits is requires special skills not unlike the skills require for ships and boats.

A portrait, which may of may not show the sitters in their environment, be it person or ship is either ‘right’ or rubbish, there is no half way.

Sauveterre, cafe des Arcardes

Sauveterre, cafe des Arcardes

All professional painters must have at least most of these skills.

Mermaids in Mermaids Pool, Kynance Cove, Cornwall

Mermaids in Mermaids Pool, Kynance Cove, Cornwall

Fortunately having trained (Medway College of Art, photography for fashion, advertising and the press) and worked as a photographer and with 30 + years experience painting I can work with confidence from photographs with out making the numerous mistakes usually made by people who use photographs.

Gordon Frickers self portrait, May 1966

Gordon Frickers self portrait, May 1966

However this sketch was made using mirrors, a self portrait I found with notes from that era, sketches and intimate thoughts of a you lad yet to discover his destiny and fate.


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