Sunrise over the Vilaine

Sunrise over the Vilaine.

River Vilaine at Théhillac
Sunrise Through Vapours,

Sunrise over the Vilaine, painting at sunrise in France.

81 x 51 cm (32″ x 20″), oils, this #painting available for sale, 850 £.
Lever de soleil sur la Vilaine.

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Vilaine painting
Sunrise Through Vapours, a detail
 “#Sunrise through vapours”, first day of spring, river and marshes of the Vilaine”

Sunrise complete

“Lever de soleil à travers les vapeurs, le premier jour du printemps, la rivière et mais du la Vilaine.”
Vilaine paintings
Sunrise Through Vapours, a detail, Théhillac village
Here you can see the end result and followed the development of this painting, via my posts  on my blog and Facebook pages the 14th, 18th and 19th of March which allowed you to follow the development and techniques.
Sunrise, Vilaine
Sunrise Through Vapours, a detail
I’ve written more for those of you who are really interested in painting techniques, about this on my blog.
The river is the Vilaine, southern Brittany, the distant village is Théhillac (pronounced Tay’ack).
Sunrise, Vilaine
Sunrise Through Vapours, a detail

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