Sunrise, 29 July

Sunrise Series, each one a painting as it happened, made ‘plien aire’.

Sunrise, France
Sunrise, 29 July

Painting ‘plien aire’ by Gordon Frickers,  40 x 50 cm (15¾” x 19¾”).

Available £/€ 1,250.

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Part of  Française  The South West France Collection Flag_of GB half inch .svg. 


The painting :

An overcast dawn, full of promises, radiating warmth and the possibility of heavy warm showers.

I was deliberately imprecise while painting, this after careful pre-planning this  painting.

There was no time for ‘details’ I focused on colour painting  composition and the  keenest observation I could manage in this rapidly evolving scene.

Colours, tones and composition :

How would the colours, tones and composition reveal themselves given the picture had to be completed is some 20 to 40 minutes?

Here is a mystery rich result which challenges our imaginations, encourages,  suggestive, stimulates whenever we look at the painting, our best creative processes.

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