Chateau de Lacroix

One of The « vin, au Chateau, Gaillac,  » series.

Chateau de Lacroix 12.10.16
Chateau de Lacroix 12.10.16

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The painting:

At Chateau de Lacroix, as is my way I visited several times, spoke with the people, took long walks and an intense look at the place.

The buildingas are a lovely complex however what struck me most is how very S W France, very ‘Le Tarn’ it is.

I recalled a not very observant person saying to me, the Tarn does not feel like  SW France, there are not many poplar trees…

That person should slow down and try looking !

I loved the particularly numerous poplars around chateau de Lacroix and the distant view of the valley of Gaillac with the Black Mountains beyond them which for me mean ‘Mediterranean’ a not very long drive away.

My intention is to see the ‘Vin, au Chateau, Gaillac’ series as a collection, an exhibition of sisters and brothers.

This is one of the reasons I have reacted very differently to each painting in this series.

Chateau de Lacoix, one of the Gaillac series, click,see, follow the progress and enjoy.

Chateau de Lacroix, 98 % completed, 09.10.2016
Chateau de Lacroix, 98 % completed, 09.10.2016

Working up from location visits and studies, I have also used my imagination based on years of observation and numerous experimental studies made in this part of the Tarn province in the heart of l’Occitane.

Chateau de Lacroix, detail 09.10.2016
Chateau de Lacroix, detail 09.10.2016

Detail, Chateau de Lacroix, Gaillac, SW France, For fun, the white van of Charles de NOBLET d’ANGLURE a friend of the proprietor, Bruno and of myself, deliberately included.
I like to include friends when ever I can.

Chateau de Lacroix, progress, 05.10.16
Chateau de Lacroix, progress, 05.10.16


Chateau de Lacroix, progress, 03.10.16-
Chateau de Lacroix, progress, 03.10.16-

I have chosen to keep the foreground loose, abstracted in order to focus our attention on the light, colours, textures of the vines and on the buildings and trees on this very South of France skyline.


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