Salcombe Beach

Salcombe’s beautiful, favourite Beach as a painting.

Salcombe, one of the lesser known ‘jewels’ of this lovely port that is missed by many tourists, locals go there using their boats although it can be reached by road.

Salcombe Beach

Salcombe beach, 30 x 40 cm (12″ x 16″), available, 600 £ painting by Gordon Frickers.

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Part of the charm of Salcombe’s Beach is the beach is accessible from the port in summer by a ferry although many locals simply sail or row across the beautiful estuary to relax, picnic and sometimes camp overnight.

The painting

How to  paint an original view of this  widely know often painted, much loved port is an engaging challenge.

My solution included ‘out Ordinance Survey Map’ and a very slow drive past every possible location.

At all the more likely places I stopped and tried sketches at some.

This perspective is developed from one of those location studies.

An unusual painting it combines a number of techniques, including abstract passages, spatula work and on closer inspection,  precise detail so represents a fine example of the versatile artist’s work and sound investment.

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