Sauternes, Essential Mists, 09 September

Essential mists and  Sauternes sunrise were created as a pair.

Picturesque Wine Villages of Bordeaux‘ collection, available including for exhibition.

Sauternes, Essential Mists
Sauternes, Essential Mists

Rot, Noble Rot…was the reason I was on location before dawn and the inspiration for this painting measuring 40 x 50 cms (15¾” x 19¾”), price of the original – £1,200.00 by Gordon Frickers.

The painting:

Will you ever see another painting like this one? Probably not!

“Sauternes, Essential Mists and Magic Mould”, a fresh pre dawn exercise in ‘plien aire’ painting.

The idea as visualised needed more careful pre-planing than usual for this landscape painting and its twin spontaneous painting, the other being “Sauternes Sunrise”, to make a pair and our story.

The insight, location and perspective chosen meant to create was literally a race against time in the chill grey of first light as the sun rose to disperse the morning vapours.

Before the sun was fully established in its day light realm the painting had to be pursued.

How many artists would be on location before dawn to paint?  important as an early start was Gordon Frickers also needed to finish before the last breakfast was served where his chosen chambre d’ote

~ ~ ~ ~~

In the autumn Sauternes weather is usually warm and dry.

The little Ciron has cooler waters than the near by Garonne.

The different moist air temperatures from the two rivers produce over the warm landscape a mists that descends upon the vineyards at night lingering to late morning enabling a significant mold to grow on the grapes. 

This mold partially ‘raisins’ the grapes, concentrates the sugars, the grapes when thus botryized are hand picked, often as individually, grape by grape.

That often means as many as 7 passed through the autumn vines in turn has contributed so significantly to the wines grand of Sauternes.

One begins to see why the wines of Sauternes are so expensive, so highly regarded?

This rot, pourriture noble, botrytis Cinerea this mold can depending on the year produce the finest and concentrated sweet wine; tasting, with a suitable meal is believing.

Do try and visit the Sauternes communes, it can be a very memorable moment in your life, bon chance mes amies.

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