Sauternes from the North, 23 June

The ‘Picturesque Wine Villages of Bordeauxcollection, available including for exhibition.

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By Gordon Frickers, dated 2003, medium: oils, size: 40 x 50 cms (15¾” x 19¾”), oils on oiled paper, one of 3 studies at this location, available.

 ex frame, ex studio.

The painting

Produced plien aire.

Among the gently rolling hills, forests streams and vineyards of Graves a delight awaits you, over a hill (not to fast or you might miss it) and there nestling in the next fold  is a the little village with a huge name; Sauternes of some 650 inhabitants.

The river Ciron more a stream or rivulet than a river trickles quietly through the fold, by the road bridge watering a beautifully restored Roman ‘lavatiore’ now  a cool place to sit, picnic, contemplate of consult the spirits,  were generations of Sauternes women came to wash clothes gossip, laugh and sing.

This village, center of the commune de Sauternes gives it’s name to to the world as THE place for the most exclusive white wines in the world.

Not every bottle is expensive, prices start around 10 to 12 Euros at the Maison de Sauternes were you can freely sample the many varieties and if you are feeling mellow, buy a few samples for special occasions with special friends.

The commune de Sauternes, a favorite of mine will have a whole chapter devoted to its history and stories in my forth coming book “Picturesque Wine Villages of Bordeaux”.

That is, as soon as I find a sponsor for the book.


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