Saint-Emilion Vines

Saint Emilion, Bordeaux is France personified, arguably the most famous name on red wines and a glorious painting, a classic view most tourists miss.

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Saint Emilion painting
St Emilion Sunset 31.07.21

Saint Emilion Painting 59 x 90 cm (23 1/4” x 35 1/2”) available, £ 2,000.

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Saint-Emilion :

Saint Emilion, ‘the most famous name in red wine‘, if you’ve not visited Saint Emilion, you are in for a memorable treat.

More than a match for anything in the Musee d’Orsay~ Alain Soreano, author, historian [December 2016]

Saint Emilion is justly classified Saint Emilion, Petite cité de caractère.

Saint Emilion is also justifiably the most famous name for red wine, an ancient cite, with an unequalled two chateaux listed in the exclusive top ten, Imperial Classification of 1855.


The town and its communes will richly reward those of us who take time to explore more than our first impression, enjoy !

World famous Saint Emilion is a UNESCO classified town of great charm with many a memorable detail.


Saint-Emilion Painting:

A fine view of Saint Emilion showing most of the most famous architecture and of course, vineyards.

This scene is usually missed by tourists seeking to discover Saint Emilion so you can enjoy it through this painting.

A new landscape painting of Saint Emilion viewed from the East destined to become a classic.


My wish to find a grand landscape typical of Saint Emilion showing as many of the key characteristics as possible of this most charming of Bordeaux towns lead me to this joyous sight.

Saint-Emilion is in it’s way one of the most interesting, loveliest towns of all France and presented here as a classic view most tourists miss.


Saint-Emilion, detail

Saint-Emilion is one of the three most famous names world wide for red wine.


Saint-Emilion, detail 2


Saint-Emilion is surrounded by a ‘sea’ of vineyards.


Saint Emilion, detail 3

Almost literally this picturesque village, a fortified town, genteelly reeks of the heady aromas of red wine, good cooking and sunshine.


Saint Emilion, detail 5


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St Emilion, Vines
St Emilion, Vines [detail]

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> yours now £ bank to bank or by credit card Purchase Now < via Paypal, in any currency, or in instalments by arrangement, contact Gordon Frickers.

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