Bordeaux region, Dancing Vines

Bordeaux paintings, Dancing Vines, painting ‘plien aire’ in France.

Dancing Vines Plien Aire

28 x 36 cm (11 x 14”), available,  750 £.

Painting a classic ‘plien aire’ for my ‘Picturesque Wine Villages of Bordeauxseries, available including for exhibition.

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Dancing Vines Plien Aire (detail 1)

Dancing Vines Plien Aire (detail 1)

Paintings of Bordeaux,

While looking for a landscape to include the ancient bastide of Sauveterre-de-Guyenne I encountered this young tree, a master of ceremonies for these dancing vines, dancing and music being activities much associated with this ancient town.

Dancing Vines & Sauveterre (detail 1)
Dancing Vines & Sauveterre (detail 1)

Bordeaux paintings maybe inspired by the moment appealed to my sense of humor, maybe the source of inspiration was a magic afternoon shared with the welcoming people of Sauveterre, fine cuisine, wines, dancing in the tables and the chief of police saying just be sensible, my men are off duty today, this at the annual wine festival held in under a huge marquee in the place de Sauveterre.

Dancing Vines, Sauveterre (detail 2)
Dancing Vines, Sauveterre (detail 2)

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