Café Culture

 ‘Café Culture’, a timeless classic painting, Cafe des Arcades, Bordeaux, Francefood, art, magic words that = enjoy.

Café Culture

20 x 25 cm (8” x 10”), available, 750 £

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Painting a classic little gem for  the Flag_of GB half inch .svg Bordeaux, “Famous Wine Villages of Bordeaux”  series Française  

by Gordon Frickers

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The painting:

This gloriously iconic little painting was conceived in the sociable old town of Sauveterre de Guyenne in the heart of the rolling hills of Entre Deux Mers.

 a painting so very reminiscent of, epitomising café culture in France, the Café des Arcades.

A café at once typical of cafe culture in SW France yet illusive to describe as a painting.

Sauveterre was founded by the English, The mayor during a meeting about marketing my work said to me with irrepressible Gallic charm,  “you can speak English if you wish.

This town has changed hands so many times we speak both languages”.

Many distinguished people and renowned companies chose Frickers paintings as you can discover by reading my illustrated résumée; paintings with unique, enduring qualities.


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