Domaine Peyres Roses

Gaillac Collection, painted for the « vin, au Chateau, Gaillac, an exhibition at the invitation of the Municipal of Gaillac (Mairie).

Peyres Roses, Sunset 17 th September

"sunset and vines" Peyres-Roses 26-11-16

“sunset and vines” Peyres-Roses 26-11-16

A landscape painting measuring 63 x 81 cms (25.5” x 32”), oils, available, £6,000.

The painting

This domaine is seated on the heights above Gaillac near Cahuzac sur Vere so I’ve opted for a typical summer evening, the sort of evening I have painted ‘plien aire’ many times.

Sunset and vines, detail, Peyres Roses 26.11.16

Sunset and vines, detail 1, Peyres Roses 26.11.16

Sunset and vines, detail, Peyres Roses 26.11.16

Sunset and vines, detail 2, Peyres Roses 26.11.16

Sunset and vines, detail 3, Peyres Roses 26.11.16

Sunset and vines, detail 3, Peyres Roses 26.11.16

It follows that the colouring here is based upon my working sketches, used as reference material.

Peyres Roses set me particular challenges, not least because I found much to admire at the domaine de Peyres Roses.

Peyres Roses, progress 25.11.16

Peyres Roses, progress 25.11.16

The domaine is rich in subject matter as varied as the 150,000 bees and livestock they keep to the remarkable Astrid and her four sons.

I can recommend the wines too!

The Gaillac region is blessed with a microclimate that produces relatively reliable weather, in general ‘summer’ lasts from June to November.

That means good light for painting, consistent wines and plenty of opportunity for out door activities which the Tarnais take very full advantage of .

Astrid Bonnafont Serre and her four sons have made their domaine one of the most fascinating in the Gaillac region, department of Tarn.

Aside from  Astrid’s vision and perseverance, each one of  Astrid’s four sons brings his own specialty to the domaine, in practice, a strong harmonious team.

People, mostly young, come from all over the world to stay, work and learn at the very environmentally friendly Pyres Roses.

You can discover more by visiting Peyres Roses neat Cahuzac (81140) a mile or so off the Gaillac to Cordes sur Ciel road or on line via

It is also possible to find Peyres Roses wines, much appreciated by a young audience looking for something special that their parents don’t drink,  in some London wine bars; if you are lucky!

This a place I’d like to return to and paint again.

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