Château Lastours

 « Vin, au Chateau, Gaillac » series.

Château Lastours, Gaillac

Château Lastours, Gaillac

by Gordon Frickers 61 x 915 cms (24″ x 36″), oils, available, £4000.

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Chateau Las Tours, Gaillac, progress  03.10.16

Chateau Las Tours, Gaillac, progress 03.10.16

The painting

This landscape painting as were most in this outstanding Gaillac Collection, completed on location by kind permission of the owners during October 2016

GF at Lastours IMG_8787

This picturesque Château Lastours stands on the South bank of the turbulent river Tarn, a few kilometers from Château Clément Termes and Château de Saurs.
At first glance the building appears symmetrical, look more closely and discover that is not so, Château Lastours is weathered by a long history.
The original towers are long gone, the present building dates to the 17 th century, pre the French revolution, and has its own long story of change.
Today Château Lastours produces a fine selection of timeless, distinctive Gaillac wines.
The opposite face of the this Château will equally surprise and repay your stroll through the gardens.
Chateau Lastours, detail 16.10.16

Chateau Lastours, detail 16.10.16

There was a time when Gaillac wines were more famous than those of Bordeaux.
The Phoenicians are credited with first cultivating vines around the very South of France town of Gaillac, King Henry II of England, the founding fathers of the USA are known to have enjoyed Gaillac wines, you can too.
Painting process, a glimpse.
Researched on location, painted at the request of the Municipale de Gaillac for an exhibition in December 2016, you can follow the development of this picture here on this page and on this web site blog.

Gaillac sketched design 12.07.16, Chateau Lastours

Gaillac sketched design 12.07.16, Chateau Lastours

Having marked out the design the next issue is to decide which are the underlying power colours.

Chateau Lastours 19.08.16

Chateau Lastours 19.08.16

Here the first of the tones are being established which will set the lighting, final colours and details that help describe the character of the scene will come last.

I was careful not to include the registration number of any of the cars or bike, just in case some one was there who should not have been, with his mistress, after all, it’s France !

Vive la France !

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For further reading and to contact the Château
Le Château Lastours; Le Chateau Lastours vous propose des visites autant historiques qu’oenologiques.
et vous en racontent tous les secrets.
Adresse : Lastours, 81310 Lisle-sur-Tarn
Téléphone : 05 63 57 07 09

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