Saint Emilion, King’s Tower, Further Reading

One of the Bordeaux Famous Wine Villages Collection.

Saint Emilion, Toure de Roi
St Emilion, The King’s Tower.

By Gordon Frickers 40 x 61 cm (16″ x 24″), oils, £ 1,100, available, ex frame, ex studio.

“The King’s Tower”.

A beautiful painting for your wall, reminding you every time you see it, of the pleasures of this most lovely little town, an excellent investment too.

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* The painting:

* The Town of Saint Emilion 

* “The King’s Tower”

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The painting:

Saint Emilion remains, with good reason, famous and an immensely popular destination; linger if you can, you will be rewarded as this series of paintings, the Saint Emilion anthology, clearly remind us.

t Emilion, King's Tower, detail
St Emilion, King’s Tower, detail

The basic drawings took 5 hours,  then colour impressions were added with a fluid spontaneity then was worked up into a finished painting.

Working on a festival day, in the other of this pair, I was able to include members of the Jurade (more about ‘The Jurade’ below) in full costume atop the tower, Château du Roy, The King’s Tower.

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The Town of Saint Emilion

Inhabitants will proudly tell you, The Macaroon Biscuit originated from Saint Emilion, be sure to try some.

About half an hour away from the city of Bordeaux, Saint-Emilion is even more beautiful than the famed city of Bordeaux and with easy parking, easily accessible for your visit.

t Emilion, King's Tower, detail
St Emilion, King’s Tower, detail

Saint-Emilion isn’t much of a secret with wine lovers.

It’s famous for its Grand Cru wines and is one of Bordeaux’s most productive wine making appellations.

However, there is much more to discover about this charming little town. 

We know Romans planted vineyards in what was to become SaintÉmilion as early as the 2nd century.

In the 4th century, the Latin poet Ausonius lauded the fruit of these bountiful vines.

St Emilion, King's Tower, detail
St Emilion, King’s Tower, detail

Created in 1199 by King John of England, The Jurade is a wine brotherhood of Saint-Emilion with offices in major cities including London and New York.

The Jurade works hard for the quality and promotion of the the famous wines of this picturesque UNESCO World Heritage yet modest town of Saint Emilion.

King John delegated his economic, political and legal powers to the noblemen of the region and the village.

The town was named during the 8th century after a Breton named Emilion, a native of Vannes and famous for his miracles.

Emilion became a monk, a travelling confessor, decided to leave his homeland to retire and devote himself to prayer.

He chose to make a hermitage carved into the rock, from one of the many caves under and around this town today named in his honour, Saint Emilion. 

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“The King’s Tower”, Château du Roy, Castel Daou Rey of Norman origin was according to legends, used as a King’s Castle, which kings…? 

St Emilion, King's Tower, detail
St Emilion, King’s Tower, detail

The Château du Roy viewed here from the East is one of the largest and most prominent features of this ancient walled town and often open to the public.

This is a symbol of royal power in a free town, a medieval Tower typical of The Norman period.
Château du Roy affords magnificent views of the town and surroundings, well worth the modest entrance fee of 1 € per person (this fee may change).

This massive construction is the only intact Norman keep in the department of Gironde.

Château du Roy,  sometimes called The Castel Daou Rey, part of the reason it has survived is because it serve as town hall until 1720.

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