Saint Emilion Sunset

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"St Emilion Sunset"
“St Emilion Sunset”

by Gordon Frickers, 51 x 81 cm (20” x 32”), oils, sold.

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The Painting:

This classic landscape and sunset is one of Saint Emilion most tourist miss.

While painting inside this absorbing petite cité de caractère I also wished to find a grand landscape a typical of Saint Emilion showing as it does many of the key characteristics as possible of this most charming of Bordeaux towns.

St Emilion Sunste (detail 3)
St Emilion Sunste (detail 3)

That’s unsurprising, in little St Emilion there is a lot to see many steep alleys to explore and individual shops to investigate.

St Emilion Sunset (detail 1)
St Emilion Sunset (detail 1)

Saint Emilion and wine, to words powerfully linked yet there is more to St Emilion, St Emilion is home to the macaroon biscuit and a one ‘helluva’ lot more besides.

St Emilion Sunset (detail 2)
St Emilion Sunset (detail 2)
St Emilion Sunset (detail 4)
St Emilion Sunset (detail 4)


Enchanted by St Emilion, an ancient city, a UNESCO World Heritage treasure and explore the town and surroundings, I have lingered in the district and town may times, I hope there will be a few more.  Care to join me in enchanting Saint Emilion?

Contact us

+ 44 (0)1865 52 2435

Skype ‘gordonfrickers’


Contact Us

T: + 44 (0)1865 52 2435  Mobile 00 33 (0) 6 10 66 19 26

or Skype ‘gordonfrickers’

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