Pomerol, baby Vines

Pomerol, Baby Vines”

"Pomerol, Baby Vines"
“Pomerol, Baby Vines”

by Gordon Frickers, 51 x 81 cms (20” x 32”), oils, available, £5,000.  (ex studio ex frame)

You could own this painting or one like it …

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The Painting:

The sight of the baby vines, the future of Pomerol, painted under a luminous sky has a timeless appeal.

Thus this elegant painting speaks of Pomerol past, present and future.

Pomerol, Baby Vines (detail 1)
Pomerol, Baby Vines (detail 1)


Pomerol, Baby Vines (detail 2)
Pomerol, Baby Vines (detail 2)

The formidable reputation of Pomerol, an outstanding reputation, several châteaux from the Right Bank have become status symbols. that lead me to look carefully under the towering skies and mostly flat plateau lands of Pomerol.

There is much less of a salt water maritime influence on the Right (North) Bank to draw our artist from the sea…

Pomerol, Baby Vines (detail 3)
Pomerol, Baby Vines (detail 3)

The history of Pomerol goes back a long way, quality remains high, some people even prefer Pomerol wines to Saint Emilion; a formidable reputation means Pomerol growers can not rest on their laurels.

Plus I recalled from adolescence, Pomerol was one of his Father’s three preferred red wines.

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