Saint Emilion

Bordeaux wines… which name above all springs to mind … and palate, Saint Emilion? 

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St Emilion, Tour de Roi
Hyperlink > St Emilion, King’s Tower. available, £1,200

Exploring St Emilion is one of the great pleasures of life, so many surprises for you to discover.

Saint Emilion
Hyperlink > St Emilion, Vines 05.10.18, available, £1900.

A timeless painting will give you pleasure every time you see it upon your wall, an excellent investment too.

St Emilion Sunset
Hyperlink>St Emilion Sunset, sold

St Emilion, can one have a favourite place? Can something of it’s ambience be painted?

Best value, buy from a dedicated artist- buy from a reputable, established artist direct from his studio.


St Emilion, a most beautiful village or more correctly very small town, walled, ancient, reeking of red wine, a UNESCO World Heritage Site

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St Emilion Sunset 26.08.16, available
Hyperlink > St Emilion Sunset 26.08.16, available, £1,800

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"The Château Ausone", St Emilion
Hyperlink > Awesome “The Château Ausone”, St Emilion, available £1,800

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Saint Emilion, Clos La Madalaine
Hyperlink > Saint Emilion, Clos La Madalaine, available £1,600


St Emilion, ancient caves
Hyperlink > St Emilion, the Surprising caves, available £950
Saint Emilion commune, Saint Christophe des Bardes
Hyperlink > Saint Emilion commune, Saint Christophe des Bardes, sold
Saint Emilion commune, Montagne de St Emilion
Hyperlink > Saint Emilion commune, Montagne de St Emilion, available £750
St Emilion, Tour de Roi
St Emilion, Tour de Roi, (given to my son)
St Emilion
St Emilion, sold
St Emilion, Porte de sectour Saint Matian
St Emilion, Porte de sectour Saint Matian, sold
St Emilion, a plien aire study
St Emilion, a plien aire study, available
St Emilion street scene 1
St Emilion street scene 1, sold
Saint Emilion, Alleyways (2)
Hyperlink > Saint Emilion, Alleyways (2), sold

The wines of St Emilion come gifted with special treasures and this beautiful old UNESCO world heritage town is still passionately dedicated to the finest wines, good food and is refreshingly short of tourist traps.

We hope you to enjoy your visit, found something you like and follow our posts.

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