Ysabel’s little house

Ysabel’s little house by the Ciron.

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Ysabel's Little House
Ysabel’s Little House, Sauternes

By Gordon Frickers, Date: 2003, medium: oils, size: 23 x 33 cms (9” x 13”), oils on oiled paper, one of 2 studies, this original owned by Ysabel, so hangs in her home at Sauternes, naturally. 

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The Painting

Painted on location ‘plien aire’, Ysabel’s little house on the banks of the rivulet Ciron, on  the “château d’Arche” road.

The little house can be seen to this day as you enter Sauternes from the North on the rue de la “château d’Arche” as youn decend into the vale of Sauternes, on your left.

From with in an easy stone’s throw of this site Gordon Frickers painted 3 other pictures one being the now celebrated “Essential Mists”.

Ysable’s property overlooks the heart of the diminutive yet famous village of Sauternes, the place d’egilse and rue Principal.

It also over looks the brook Ciron who’s cool mists in autumn contribute so significantly to the wines of Sauternes

This charming cottage, barely a house was for many years Ysable’s dream.
Eventually Ysabel managed to purchase the property.

The house has been beautifully renovated.

Ysabel stays there some times, so could you, Ysable’s little house also serves as a gite; contact l’office de Tourisme, Sauternes.

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