Sauternes, Auberge Evening

An amber evening, Sauternes is truly a village of liquid gold.

Picturesque Wine Villages of Bordeaux‘ collection, available including for exhibition.


Sauternes, amber evening
Sauternes, amber evening

Are you reminded of the pleasures of eating out at romantic locations?

For sure I can recommend the gourmet, inexpensive meals of the Auberge in this tiny yet world famous village of #Sautenes in South West #France.

There are many evenings with a light and soft sweet, as memorable as the amber wines of Sauternes in a charming little village with a huge International reputation.


By Gordon Frickers measuring 40 x 50 cm (15¾” x 19¾”), available, £1850., any decent gallery would ask at least double for this fine art work : ex frame, ex studio.

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The painting:

Sauternes, a peaceful village of some 650 inhabitants, Sauternes is set among gentle hills, vineyards and forests.

When you visit the ‘Maison de Sauternes’ where you can sample for free and with no obligation to buy, over 100 Sauternes, the variety of the wines may surprise you.

Village of Liquid gold, (detail1)
Village of Liquid gold, (detail 1)

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This painting in colours so evocative of the rich unforgettable amber wines was made in rue Principal and is typical of the warm summer evenings when it’s so good to eat outside.


Sauternes, amber evening (detail 2)
Sauternes, amber evening (detail 2)


Sauternes, the word can be savoured as if it has a taste…

If you have not already visited Sauternes, you are in for a treat !



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