Chateau Les Tonnells, Haut Medoc

A commission, ‘morning mists’.

Chateau Les Tonnes
The completed painting

Chateau les Tonnelles, a landscape painting by Gordon Frickers 20″ x 32″, oils, commissioned.


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The Painting

There are two stories in one here.

There principal tale is of the creation of painting illustrated here.

To produce this painting the artist guided his client through a process that discovered exactly what they wanted even though they were unsure.

In the beginning they found Gordon Frickers wine art via the Internet while thinking they would like some paintings of their region and ideally they wanted a ‘full on’ painting that suited their budget of their much loved Chateau. 

They were unsure how they would like their chateau to appear, they had never before commissioned a painting so needed guidance.

Noticing he has often produced commissions for some distinguished people and companies they felt sufficiently confident to contact him and see what happened.  

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Commissioned for the chateau, Gordon Frickers spent 3 days on the location with his clients to ensure they got exactly the painting they did not know but hoped for.

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You can purchase via our ‘Payments‘ page using Paypal or bank to bank

By arrangement payments can be in installments.

You could commission a painting like this

Contact Us.

T: + 44 (0)1865 52 2435 or Skype ‘gordonfrickers’

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