Sunrise 27 July

Sunrise 27 July
Sunrise 27 July

Painting by Gordon Frickers working ‘plien aire’, , measuring 40 x 50 cm (15¾” x 19¾”), oils, price £1,500.00, ex studio ex frame.

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The painting

A most powerful, spiritual moment of our day yet with “modern” living how many do we miss?

Weeks later, in what was then my home at #Plymouth a friend of mine who has toured many of the sites I painted in #France, when shown this study made a subtle comment.

Steve. Mitchell said “Here is a painting that is not precise; it allows your mind to think, constantly refreshing you.
Paintings like these are vigorous, alive, mystical, they revive and provoke your imagination

This semi abstract painting is one of a series produced over several weeks from the same location, the South East corner of the bastide village of Castelnau de Montmiral.

The ‘Sunrise Project‘ objective was to discover what happened when the artist painted what he saw as it happened, how would the colours, tones and composition reveal themselves given the picture had to be completed is some 20 to 40 minutes?

Good preparation was essential for this series (to use a nautical phrase, PPP=PPP, piss poor preparation, piss poor performance…) as was being on location warmly dressed well before dawn.

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