Sunrise, 5 August

One of a ‘Sunrise Series‘, all utterly unique, painted on location as the event unfolded.

A timeless painting ~  looking for the very best in landscape painting? You have found one here.

05 August sunrise
05 August sunrise

A semi abstract painting by Gordon Frickers, measuring 40 x 50 cms (15¾” x 19¾”), oils.

Sold to a gentleman in the U.S.A. to be a gift for a friend born on the 5 th August.

I certify this painting is one of a completely unrepeatable series of semi abstract paintings I produced over several weeks from the same location, the Promenade, South East corner of the bastide village of Castelnau de Montmiral in South West France.

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The painting

This sunrise, one of the ‘Sunrise Project‘ series,  summons you to a fine day, a welcome and inspiring future.

How would the colours, tones, form  and composition reveal themselves?

How long does it take to make a painting?” I am sometimes asked.

You may as well ask how long is a piece of rope…

The physical painting of  this landscape painting had to be completed is some 20 minutes, 40 at the most.

Meaning good preparation was essential for this series (to use a nautical phrase, PPP=PPP, piss poor preparation, piss poor performance…) to be on location with a clear idea, full kit, warmly dressed well before dawn and with a breakfast lined up for later.

This painting project was much influenced by ideas developed with Francis Pratt of The Painting School of Montmiral , Castelnau de Montmiral, SW France, objectives Francis came to name  “In Search of Power Painting”, meaning power in then stop.

Look carefully if your wish is to discover what happened when the artist painted what he saw as it happened,

The bastide village of Castelnau de Montmiral in the remote Tarn Province, SW France, the region is “The Heart of l’Occitaine“.

The village is classified;

Castelnau-de-Montmiral est classé parmi Les Plus Beaux Villages De France

The district known as ‘Gaillac’, produces a wide range of agricultural products including wines some connoisseurs today as in ancient times when King Henry II of England asked for more Gaillac, consider the most exclusive in all France, with a micro climate, it’s own language and culture, l’Occitaine is old France with a touch of Gaul, and more.

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