September painting a ‘Golden Dawn’ in a fading year, renewal old and mysterious as time.

Golden Dawn
Golden Dawn

A painting inspired by a misty dawn on The Promenade of la bastide de Castelnau de Montmiral, Occitane, France.

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A morning promenade [3] measuring 61 x 91 cm (24″ x 36″)

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The Golden Dawn Painting :

Dawn, l’Occitane region near as old as time, the dream like qualities of a painting inspired by The Promenade of  Castelneau de Montmiral, a mysterious spontaneous landscape painting with a rich positive aura.

This painting holds a different conversation with each viewer.

A conversation personal, for you, your imagination, your feelings and this painting.

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The Golden Age, detail 1
The Golden Age, detail 1

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You have found it here: Timeless paintings, the test of true greatness.


The Golden Age, detail 2
The Golden Age, detail 2

A painting inspired by the goodly ambience of staying with my ‘French Sister’ Helene Ancelet, I awoke to a foggy dawn.

The sailor and artist in me knew something special was about to happen so I was out of the house in double quick time.

A charming and seductive 13 th century hill top ‘bastide’ village, Castelnau de Montmiral in the  L’Occitane region.


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