Mas de Boyer

“Vines and  sunflowers” in the heart of l’Occitane. Laborie,

Typically Gaillac
Typically Gaillac

A landscape painting by Gordon Frickers measuring 30 x 45 cms (12” x 18”), oils, sold

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The Painting

Of vines, sunflowers and corn, typical of high summer in the beautiful Gaillac region of the little known and some what mysterious l’Occitane region, Tarn Province.

Gaillac, Mas de Boyer, Laborie, (detail 1)
Gaillac, Mas de Boyer, Laborie, (detail 1)

This very textured painting was produced mostly using palette knives,  some strokes being broad and smooth, others quite the opposite, pointillist.

Combined with a thoughtful choice of composition, strong vibrant colours inspired by the bright light of the Gaillac region, all and more combine to make a pleasing most unusual painting.

My choices are quite deliberate, to retain a sense of spontaneity and because it is important  to experiment, push my boundaries, see what happens.

Gaillac, Mas de Boyer, Laborie,  (detail 2)
Gaillac, Mas de Boyer, Laborie, (detail 2)

The painting results from one of my many afternoon walks in the valley of mas de Boyer, Laborie, 5 kilometers North of Gaillac, where I was fortunate to live for 18 months.

Gaillac, Mas de Boyer, Laborie, (detail 3)
Gaillac, Mas de Boyer, Laborie, (detail 3)

I look forward to returning, care to join me?


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