Gaillac Wines

Les Vins du Coq, vins du Gaillac

Vins du Coq, Gaillac, an original brand mark
Vins du Coq, Gaillac, an original brand mark

Gaillac is one of the oldest French vineyards the first vines being planted in pre Roman times yet because of its isolation little know, less appreciated.

Mysterious seductive Gaillac
Mysterious seductive Gaillac

That is going to change dramatically and soon.

Gaillac wines have been selling in London since at least the days of King Henry II

Vin du Coq, old poster
Vin du Coq, old poster

Would you like to experience wines the Romans may have tasted, wines that gave birth to Champagne and make other extra ordinary discoveries?

Appellation Gaillac Contrôlée

Depuis le moyen age Le Coq est l’emblème des vins de Gaillac.

Son effigie orne tous les édifices publics et religieux du vignoble.

Un groupe de Vignerons fiers de leur métier lui a dédié ses meilleures cuvées a partir de vieux cépages authentiques du Gaillacois.

Domaine Ferret.

Parmi ces Vignerons, Bernard Ferret a réservé cet assemblage de Duras, Braucol et de Syrah.

D’une robe profonde, un nez puissant, un équilibre subtil aux dominantes de réglisse et de fruits rouges, tels sont les caractères de cette cuvée haut de gamme digne d ‘une bonne table.

GAILLAC the vineyard region of The Tarn

Vin du Coq
Vin du Coq

Gaillac wines

Gaillac wines are currently selling in London for £8.00 per glass (20.03.2015), while direct from the chateaux and domaines that would buy you a very good bottle; its a matter of overheads.

In recent times Gaillac wines for many centuries Gaillac barrels were branded with a coq to distinguish them from Bordeaux wines, ‘Vin du Coq’.

A few are still produced by the ‘methode anciene‘.

In more recent times Gaillac wines are finding wider appreciation.
Many of the reds are very palatable, the sweet and semi sweet white wines noteworthy and the sparking wines a must to try if only because the method of their production is said to have first been developed at Gaillac, later copied to Champagne.

Gaillac lies in a vast area described as the Southwest, or Sud-Quest, wine region which is a collection of over 10 wine regions that stretch from central France all the way to the Spanish border

The Gaillac wine region is situated in the Midi Pyrenees 50 km east of Toulouse, in the direction of Albi, in the Tarn departement. The vineyard stretches over both sides of the Tarn and to the north up to the medieval town of Cordes. The Tarn is 375 kilometres long rising in the Central Massif and becoming a tributary of the Garonne. The Millau Viaduct spans the valley of the River Tarn near Millau, and is now one of the region’s most popular attractions.


Today the Gaillac Appellation covers 2.500 hectares spread over 73 communes, for an AOC production of over 165.000 hectolitres. Presently, the appellation consists of one hundred independent producers and 3 cooperative cellars.

The region has three different terrior with a range of soil conditions from sand to gravel, different aspects and varing climate conditions. This difference, coupled with special grape varieties, gives rise to an exciting range of wines with unique characteristics.

The 3 different terroirs and the age of the vineyard enable Gaillac to grow a number traditional minor grape varieties that are not grown in other parts of France. Such as Mauzac, Len de L’el in the whites; and Duras and Braucol in red. Plus they also grow the big name varietys of Cabernet, Merlot, Syrah, Sauvignon and Muscadelle.

The diversity of the Gaillac vineyards means that district can produce a great variety of wines, a wide range of dry and sweet white wines, red and rose wines as well as sparkling wines.

What makes this a great area for wine and food lovers?

The Landscape is beautiful, mostly farm, Forest and in many places breath-taking scenery with strange rock formations, deep gorges and wild rivers.

Calm secret places abound that have to be visited to really appreciate their beauty.

The picturesque bastide villages include Cordes, Puycelsi, Castelnau de Montmiral offer opportunities to experience 13 th century charm in this unspoilt region of France.

The district abounds with ruins of medieval castles, villages clinging to cliff faces, farm buildings with character and form.

Mellow local stone villages with farmers markets, vineyards, orchards and gardens all contribute to your tour experience.

The Gaillac wine region is primarily a farming region one of the most diverse in France, great produce and rich in gourmet traditions.

The gastronomic excellence of the region is unquestionable, and regardless of where you dine, you can taste wonderful regional specialities, foie gras, cassoulet, roquefort wild boar and much more, drink local Gaillac wines and of course Armagnac.

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