Chateau Terride, further reading

Chateau Terride nearing completion…?

Chateau Terride, progress 16.11.16
Chateau Terride, progress 16.11.16

Well it was built a very long time ago…

Today chateau Terride produces very fine wines, well worth a visit and sampling.

In the Commune of Puycelsi (formerly Puycelci) the spectacular village is 13th century ‘bastide’.

A hill top village fortified by the count of Toulouse Raymond VII, to keep out the northern barbarians ( meaning the English and French) long before Toulouse was part of France.

Recently Midi Pyrenees, was by popular vote renamed, reverted to it’s ancient name,  L’Occitane with the province of the Tarn at it’s heart, deep in southern France.

It is rated one of the Les Plus Beaux Villages de France so when you visit Terride don’t miss exploring Pycelsi.

I recommend taking a meal at La Roc Cafe, at sunset one of the most ‘romantique’ of restaurants in France. Do give the proprietor Fred, my best wishes.
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